Our Company

Pradip Enterprises (EA) Limited (PEL®) was established in 1974 as a distributor and retailer of food ingredients.  Over the years, the company has grown in folds to manufacture, develop and market spices, spice blends, seasonings and herbs under the PEL® Chef category; baking ingredients, food colors, flavors, cake and dessert decorations, and dried fruits under the PEL® Baker category.


PEL®  also specializes in private label branding for the marketplace retail and specialty shops and label our products to their specifications.  For this B2B sector, our product range extends itself to preservatives, stabilizers, and emulsifiers.


PEL® is constantly striving to improve it product range and quality which stems from the inclination to explore new ideas (or flavors) around the world and maintain its integrity and reputation for recreating the experience.   Our formidable network allows us to liaise with specialists world-wide to formulate specific or hard to find flavors.  We source the finest spices and food colors from countries such as India and Turkey, which are renowned for producing authentic spices with rich hues to attract one’s attention.  PEL® confectioneries are fine quality ingredients from Belgium, France, and Greece, with a know-how embedded in the countries’ heritage.  Our flavors are imported from South Africa, France, and Italy, places that are known to provide the best available. PEL®’s competence lies in its team of specialists that collaborate to develop or replicate flavors, sweeteners, syrups, spices and herbs that are appropriate for the East African market.


PEL® premium quality products may be found in our standalone “The Secret Ingredient” stores, supermarkets, and specialty stores. Our private label partnerships include some of the largest specialty stores, hotels and restaurants in East Africa.


If you are looking for a unique or hard to find spices that you can trust, we have the aptitude and know-how to make it for you.  PEL products are fresh, high quality, well priced, well packaged and easy to use in your recipes.



Our mission is to unite cultures by providing the market with exceptional food ingredients that bring out the unique taste in every culture.




  • check_mark To serve Africa with the finest quality ingredients and excellent customer experience.


•We are committed to providing high quality and healthy ingredients that are safe for human consumption.

•We follow health and safety procedures necessary in the workplace for our company staff, employees, and entire supply chain.

•We believe in a supportive, healthy and positive team spirit.

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